Your question: How many LDS members are in Africa?

How many LDS temples are in Africa?

Africa’s era of temple construction begins

With the April 2017 announcement of the Nairobi Kenya Temple, Africa now has a total of eight temples either announced, under construction or operating. Current Operating Temples: Aba, Nigeria; Accra, Ghana; Johannesburg, South Africa.

How many LDS missions are there in South Africa?

But at present, there are about twelve thousand members, organized in four stakes and two missions; geographically, they are spread over an area measuring some 2,400 kilometers (about 1,491 miles) across (Durban, South Africa, to Windhoek, Namibia) and 2,600 kilometers (about 1,615 miles) from north to south (Hararo, …

Are there LDS sister missionaries in Africa?

Three Mormon missionaries took their first steps onto the vast continent of Africa after a seven-month journey spanning 9,713 miles with neither purse nor scrip. … As of 2018, the Mormon Newsroom reports there are 2,004 LDS congregations in Africa comprising 578,310 members.

How many LDS members are in Ghana?

It was officially organized in 1978, following announcement of the revelation on priesthood. As of 2019, the LDS Church reported 89,135 members in 328 congregations in Ghana, making it the second largest body of LDS Church members in Africa, behind Nigeria.

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How many LDS temples does Mexico have?

There are now 12 temples located throughout Mexico. The notable increase in the number of temples in Mexico corresponds with the growth of Church membership there.

Which country in Africa has the most LDS members?


Country Continent Members
Mozambique Africa 15,032
Namibia Africa 952
Nigeria Africa 192,144
Republic of the Congo Africa 8,542

How many LDS missionaries are in Africa?

There are a total of 102 stakes and districts, 18 missions and nearly 320,000 members across the continent.

What LDS missions are in Africa?

Missions and Missionaries

  • Angola Luanda Mission. President Luis A. …
  • Botswana/Namibia Mission. President Jeffrey J. …
  • Madagascar Antananarivo Mission. President Hery Franck Rakotoarivelo. …
  • Mozambique Maputo Mission. …
  • South Africa Cape Town Mission. …
  • South Africa Durban Mission. …
  • South Africa Johannesburg Mission. …
  • Zambia Lusaka Mission.

How many LDS missions are in South America?

In the four countries, we now have ninety-four stakes and eighteen missions.

Which church has more population in Ghana?

Religion in Ghana

Affiliation 2000 census 2010 census
Christian 68.8% 71.2%
Pentecostal 24.1% 28.3%
Protestant 18.6% 18.4%
Catholic 15.1% 13.1%

What was the freeze in Ghana?

On June 14, 1989, the government of Ghana banned all activities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the country. Foreign missionaries were sent home, meetinghouses were locked, and Church members were forced to keep a low profile during this time, which came to be known as the “freeze.”

How many churches are there in Ghana 2020?

Total Church Membership: 83,651. Congregations: 314.

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