Your question: How many Burger King franchises are there in South Africa?

How many Burger Kings are in South Africa?

Burger King SA operates more than 90 fast-food restaurants across South Africa.

How many Burger Kings are franchises?

Globally famous quick service restaurant chain Burger King operated and franchised a total of 18,625 restaurants worldwide in 2020.

Number of Burger King restaurants worldwide from 2009 to 2020.

Characteristic Franchised restaurants Company-owned restaurants

How much is the Burger King franchise in South Africa?

In order to open a Burger King franchise, one must have a net worth of more than R4 627 395, 50. Burger King’s total initial investment it requires for its franchises is around R4 602 591, 81. This initial amount includes the R711 866, 00 franchise fee.

Who owns the most Burger King franchises?

Carrols Corporation is the largest global franchisee of Burger King as of January 2013. Its parent company is Carrols Restaurant Group, at publicly traded corporation (Nasdaq: TAST).

Is Burger King successful in South Africa?

The Burger King franchise has enjoyed operational success in South Africa, after GPI reworked its strategy on the franchise to focus on profitability rather than expansion. As at December 2019, the group had 97 restaurants, 90 of which are corporate owned. … 024 million in December 2018 to R1. 175 million in 2019.

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How much does a Burger King franchise owner make?

The average Burger King generates around $1.4 million in revenue, with franchise profit coming in around $85,000 per year.

How many Burger King locations are there?

The Burger King brand is the second largest fast food burger brand globally as measured by the total number of restaurants with a global network of over 18000 restaurants in more than 100 countries and U.S. territories as at June 30 2019.

Who owns Burger King Corporation?

Burger King/Головные организации

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