Your question: Can you feed the animals at African Lion Safari?

DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS! For the health and safety of our animals visitors are not permitted to feed the animals. Their food is specifically prepared by our staff to meet their dietary needs. 7) If your vehicle breaks down in the drive through Game Reserves, DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE.

Can you feed giraffes at Lion Country Safari?

Can I feed the animals? Lion Country Safari offers animal feeding experiences in our walk-through park, Safari World, for nominal fees. These include Giraffe Feeding Encounter, Lory Bird Aviary, Fish Feeding, and Petting Zoo.

Does your car get damaged at African Lion Safari?

Most cars are okay, but there is an occasional story about them ripping off antenas, wipers, weather stripping etc. The safari has a water park area that should entertain the kids for a while, there’s also some animal shows, a train ride, so I think you could fill a full day.

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How long does it take to drive through African Lion Safari?

Visitors should plan on spending at least three hours at the African Lion Safari. The drive through the animal reserves takes between an hour and two hours, but the other amenities will keep you at the park for longer. Many people arrive for the 10 am opening and stay the whole day.

What can you bring into African Lion Safari?

Cool Off At Misumu Wet Play – If you’re visiting African Lion Safari with little ones, you won’t want to miss this play area. Kids love the slides, sprinklers and spouts. Don’t forget to pack their swimsuits, towels and water shoes.

How much does it cost to enter Lion Country Safari?

One-day admission to the drive-through wildlife park is $37 for guests ages 10 to 64; $33 for ages 65 and older; and $28 for ages 3 to 9. Ages 2 and younger are free. Parking is $8. Price are up $2 for regular and children’s tickets, and $1.50 for seniors’ tickets.

Can you rent a car at Lion Country Safari?

Thank you for your interest in a visit to Lion Country Safari! We have rental vehicles available for $10 + tax for guests who cannot use a vehicle of their own, but vehicle damage is not something guests should expect during their adventures.

Can you drive an RV through Lion Country Safari?

You can drive your car or RV through the elephants, lions, giraffes, rhino’s, just to name a few of the many animals. If you don’t want to drive over, you can walk and rent one of their cars for $10.00-$18.00 and use it to drive through the safari preserve.

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Is African Lion Safari safe?

As Canada’s Original Safari Adventure, African Lion Safari offers guests a safe and enjoyable experience with the opportunity to drive through 7 large Game Reserves in the comfort of their own vehicle.

Is African Lion Safari ethical?

“African Lion Safari is a cruel, dangerous, and profit-driven business supported by zoos,” the organization said. “Their last trip must be to an accredited sanctuary for life.”

Can you ride elephants at African Lion Safari?

African Lion Safari refused CBC’s request for an interview, but said in a statement the zoo permanently stopped elephant rides in 2019. “African Lion Safari has always been and remains in full compliance of all CAZA standards that govern our park,” African Lion Safari stated.

Why are there no baboons at African Lion Safari?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 some animals, like our troop of baboons, will not be on display in the Game Reserves. African Lion Safari reserves the right to change animal displays without notice.

Can a lion be a pet?

Tigers and lions are surprisingly easy and inexpensive to purchase as pets. While import and interstate trade are prohibited, they are available in many states from captive breeders. This means it is possible to own a large and powerful carnivore whether or not you are equipped to properly care for them.

What happens to the animals at African Lion Safari in the winter?

All of the birds and animals remain at the park during the winter months. Many of the birds and animals are housed in large heated facilities and aviaries throughout the property.

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Who Owns African Lion Safari?

African Lion Safari® is a Canadian owned family business created in the name of conservation by the late Colonel G.D Dailley. The park opened its gates to the public on August 22, 1969 with 40 lions in 3 reserves; today the park houses in excess of 1,000 animals comprised of over 100 species.