You asked: How do I settle my African bank loan?

You can call us for a settlement amount if you want to settle your outstanding balance. Or you can increase your repayment amounts to pay off your Loan or Credit Card quicker. Feel free to call us on and to discuss your options.

How do I get my settlement from African Bank?

To obtain a settlement quotation, contact your nearest African Bank branch or African Bank Customer Service Centre. You can also dial * 120*225# from your registered cellphone and follow the prompts.

How do I check my African Bank loan balance?

Cellphone Banking, for instance, allows you to view your account balance, buy prepaid services and make payments. Simply dial *120*225# to accept the terms and start banking from your phone.

How can I check my loan balance?

All you need to do is login to your net banking portal and go to the loans section. Here you can apply, check or know the balance on the loan you apply.

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What is African Bank payment break?

“An agreed payment break with African Bank will enable you to skip your monthly credit instalment for a short period of time without negatively impacting your credit score at credit bureaus or records of your payment behaviour at the Bank,” explains Basani Maluleke, CEO at African Bank.

Does African bank have immediate payment?

Instant payments which reflect immediately. Debit Orders and Debit Orders Disputes. FREE: Inter-account transfers through the channel of your choice.

How do I reverse an African bank payment?

No, a successful transaction cannot be reversed, however a dispute may be logged by visiting your nearest branch or by dialling 0861111011.

How do I reset my African bank details?

Resetting your entire profile is a 2 step process: Step 1: Reset your profile by visiting your closest African Bank branch. A One Time PIN (OTP) and your username will be sent to your registered mobile number. Step 2: Once you have received the OTP, use this online process to reset your PIN and password.

How do I increase my credit limit with African Bank?


The new limit will be available immediately upon approval. To apply, ask your consultant at any of our Branches, visit our website, use our App, dial *120*225# or call 0860 333 004.

What is the USSD code for African Bank?

Dial *120*225# to accept the terms and start banking from your phone.

How do I pay back my access bank loan?

To pay pack the Access bank payday loan, simply credit your account with the exact amount you borrowed. You can also credit your account with money higher than what you borrowed. Either way will work. All that is required is that you have sufficient money in your account by when the loan is due.

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What is a loan statement?

What’s a loan statement? A loan statement has all of the details of your current loan and gives our team the information we need to pay off that loan. In most cases, you can download your most recent loan statement from your current loan servicer.

What is the loan ID number?

Section 1026.37(a)(12) requires that the creditor disclose a loan identification number that may be used by the creditor, consumer, and other parties to identify the transaction, labeled as “Loan ID # .” The loan identification number is determined by the creditor, which number may contain any alpha-numeric characters.

Can you take a break from loan payments?

Usually, you can take a break from paying your debt for a period of one to three months, but they can be longer in certain instances. You’re unlikely to get a payment holiday if you want to use the money to spend on a lavish holiday.

Can I skip loan payment?

Skipping or deferring a loan payment means that your lender has authorized you to skip a payment on that loan or credit card. … Not all lenders allow payment deferrals. Whether you skip a full payment or make a reduced one, it is important to know that you are still liable for the outstanding balance to your lender.

Can I get a loan while under debt review?

The National Credit Act (NCA) governs debt review, while the National Credit Regulator (NCR) enforces the process. The NCA specifies that consumers are prohibited from getting a loan while they are undergoing debt review.