Who is the second president of South Africa?

Who was president of South Africa after Mandela?

End of term

Mandela left office on 14 June 1999. He was succeeded by Mbeki, who was inaugurated to the presidency on 16 June. Mandela retired from active politics, and became, for several years afterward, engaged in a number of philanthropic activities.

Who was the 1st President of South Africa?

List of state presidents of South Africa

No. Name (Birth–Death) Term of office
Took office
1 Charles Robberts Swart (1894–1982) 31 May 1961
Theophilus Ebenhaezer Dönges (1898–1968) Elected but did not take office because of illness
Jozua François Naudé (1889–1969) Acting 1 June 1967

How old is Ramaphosa?

69 years (November 17, 1952)
Сирил Рамафоса/Возраст
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