What musical instrument is important in African?

Drums are among the more popular African instruments, but other important percussion instruments include clap-sticks, bells, rattles, slit gongs, struck gourds and clay pots, stamping tubes, and xylophones. African stringed instruments include the musical bow, lute, lyre, harp, and zither.

What is the most important instrument in African music?

Among the most important African instruments are drums and other percussion. They’re used in almost all African cultures for ceremonies and rituals, some of which involve dancing. African music uses all sorts of rattles and shakers. These instruments are portable and hand-held, and they effectively provide rhythm.

What is the most important musical instrument in West African culture?

Traditional music of West Africa incorporates the use of a variety of percussive instruments, the most popular of which is the djembe. Known also as the ‘magic drum’ or the ‘healing drum’, the djembe is spiritually important to West African tradition as it is believed that three spirits reside within the drum.

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Why is music important in African culture?

Music is an integral part of the African culture, with various ceremonies being preceded by some sort of music. Music is used to communicate, pass literature, welcoming heroes among other ritual functions. There are diverse genres of music in Africa like hymns, dirge, that create mood and feel for the occasion.

What are the 3 instrument of African music?

Most widely spread and played instruments in Africa are the drum, the xylophone, the mbira, rattles and shakers. The one-string musical bow, played all over the continent but now nearly abandoned, was once responsible for all the vocal scales that are used today in African music.

What are the 5 most important features of African music?

Aerophones (wind)

  • Flutes (bamboo, horn)
  • Ocarinas.
  • Panpipes.
  • Horns from animal tusks.
  • Trumpets wood or metal.
  • Pipes being single or double reeds.
  • Whistle.

What music is listened to in Africa?

Africa is a highly musical continent, with genres spanning from Afrobeat, Ndombolo, Rhumba, Bongo, Benga, and Kwaito, to Reggae, Hip-hop, and R&B. From traditional and cultural events to modern concerts and bus rides, music is often a key feature of life in Africa.

Is the guitar an African instrument?

Maybe the guitar wasn’t originally an African instrument, but it certainly has become one. For this New Sounds, take a listen to music from the late Cameroonian guitarist Francis Bebey, along with music from Gabonese guitarist singer and musician Pierre Akendengué.

Which of the following traditional musical instruments of Africa is a Membranophone?

Here are some African Instruments that you should know about: Talking drum or Donno (membranophone) Djembe Drum (membranophone) Kagan Drum (membranophone)

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What are the functions of musical instruments in the African musical culture?

Musical instruments in African societies serve a variety of roles. Some instruments may be confined to religious or cultic rituals or to social occasions. Among some peoples there may also be restrictions as to the age, sex, or social status of the player.

What is the primary use of African traditional music?

Traditional African music supplies appropriate music and dance for work and for religious ceremonies of birth, naming, rites of passage, marriage and funerals. The beats and sounds of the drum are used in communication as well as in cultural expression.

What is the most distinctive feature of all African musical instruments?

Falling between rhythmic and melodic instruments, the largest and most distinctive member of the African struck-idiophone family is the slit drum, made from a hollowed log. By careful thinning of the flanks at certain places, the instrument may be tuned so as to yield as many as four distinct pitches.

What instruments were used in West Africa?

Instruments Used in West African Music

The djembe, tama and sabar are drums. The balafon is like a xylophone, and there are several stringed and wind instruments, such as the reed flute, thekora and the kontingo.

What are the 5 types of musical instruments?

There are five main instrument families: strings, woodwind, brass, keyboards, and percussion.

What instruments are used in Africa by Toto?


  • David Paich – lead and backing vocals, synthesizer, piano.
  • Bobby Kimball – lead and backing vocals, percussion.
  • Steve Lukather – electric guitar, backing vocals.
  • Steve Porcaro – synthesizers.
  • David Hungate – bass guitar.
  • Jeff Porcaro – drums, cowbell, gong, additional percussion.
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