What does Gabadiya mean in South Africa?

What is a phara?

Also known as phara-phara. A term that refers to a drug addict who often terrorizes the community through criminal activities. The term is mostly used in Xhosa and Zulu speaking communities. In Gauteng, this person would be called a Nyaope Boy.

What does WENA mean in South Africa?

/ (ˈweɪnə) / pronoun Southern African. you; refers to the person or persons addressed but not to the speaker.

What does yasis mean in South Africa?

South African’s are very well aware of the popular slang word ‘Yasis’. But did you know that it means ‘Hello” (spelt Yassas) in Greek?

What does Geu mean in South Africa?

Noun. It is short for the word Mageu, a traditional South African drink made from maize meal.

What does cookie mean in South Africa?

biscuit: In South Africa a cookie is known as a “biscuit”. The word is also a term of affection, as in, “Hey, you biscuit”. bliksem: To beat up, hit or punch; or a mischievous person.

What is the meaning of Danko?

In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Danko is: God is my judge.

What does NCA mean in Zulu?

Nca. (n! aah) – meaning everything is cool or things are good.

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What does OU Toppie mean?

slang. A middle-aged or elderly man; a father; loosely, a ‘chap’ or ‘fellow’. Also with defining word: old toppie, ou toppie (in the plural referring to both sexes, ‘old people’, ‘parents’), and shortened form old top.

What is the meaning of kortes?

as a name for boys has its root in Spanish, and Kortes means “courteous”. Kortes is an alternate form of Cortez (Spanish): May also mean “court-dweller”.

What is Manyora?

thirst. So, this is how you say “manyora” in english.