What are four major river systems in Africa How long are they?

The four major rivers of Africa are the Nile (4,160 miles), the Congo (2,900 miles), the Niger (2,590 miles), and the Zambesi (1,700 miles). The Nile River is the longest river in the world.

What are the 4 rivers in Africa?

The four major rivers in Africa are the Nile, the Zambezi, the Congo, and the Niger. The Nile is one of the longest rivers in the world.

How long are the rivers in Africa?


River Length (km) Countries
Nile (1) 6,850 km Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Egypt
Congo (2) 4,700 km Democratic Republic of the Congo, Congo, Angola
Niger (3) 4,180 km Guinea, Mali, Niger, Benin, Nigeria
Zambezi (4) 2,700 km Zambia, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique
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What rivers run through Africa and how long are they?

The Longest Rivers in Africa

Rank River Length (kilometres)
1 Nile-Kagera 6,853
2 Congo-Chambeshi 4,700
3 Niger 4,200
4 Zambezi 2,693

What are some major rivers in Africa?

This map shows the locations of 13 major river basins in Africa: the Senegal, Volta, Niger, Lake Chad, Nile, Lake Turkana, Juba Shibeli, Ogooue, Congo, Zambezi, Okavango, Limpopo and Orange river basins.

What are the 4 major rivers in West Africa?

Geographically, West Africa is predominantly plains. It also features numerous rivers. Major rivers include the Niger, Senegal, Gambia, and the Kolenté (Great Scarcies).

How many major rivers are in Africa?

The Nile, Congo, Niger, Zambezi, Senegal, Limpopo, and Orange are the seven rivers in Africa. They are heavily distributed in the entire continent. Each one of them has a corresponding character and impact on Africa.

What are 5 major rivers in Africa?

The major rivers of Africa include the Nile, Congo, Niger, Zambezi and Orange.

What are the major river in West Africa?

The Niger River, with a total length of about 4100 km, is the third-longest river in Africa, after the Nile and the Congo/Zaire Rivers, and the longest and largest river in West Africa.

Which one is the longest river in Africa?

Nile River: Longest river in Africa ‘Blue Nile River Dam’ dey cause Egypt-Ethiopia kasala – Read wetin you need to know.

What is the longest river in Africa How long is it and what countries does it go through?

The Nile is the longest river in Africa. Its length is around 6,650 kilometers and its drainage basin covers 11 African countries.

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What are the 4 mountain ranges in Africa and where are they?

Top 10 Mountain Ranges in Africa

Range Countries Highest Point
Atlas Mountains Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia Mount Toubkal (4,167m)
Drakensberg South Africa Thabana Ntlenyana (3,482m)
Ethiopian Highlands Ethiopia Mount Abuna Yosef (4,550m)
Marrah Mountains Sudan Deriba Caldera (3,042m)

What is the longest river in Africa and how many countries does it flow through?

The Nile river flows northward crossing 10 countries: Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia. It drains into the Mediterranean Sea, forming the great Nile Delta; the cities of Cairo and Alexandria are located on the delta.

What are the four main ethnic groups in Africa?

The ethnolinguistic groups include various Afroasiatic, Khoisan, Niger-Congo and Nilo-Saharan populations. The official population count of the various ethnic groups in Africa is highly uncertain, both due to limited infrastructure to perform censuses and due to the rapid population growth.

Which are the major river basins and drainage systems of Africa?

This drainage system comprises four major river basins namely the Tekeze, Abay, Baro-Akobo, Ghibe (Omo). Unlike other river basins in the system, the Ghibe (Omo) flows southward. The Abay, Tekezeand Baroflow westward ultimately joining the Nile which finally ends at Mediterranean Sea.

What are the seven major rivers in Africa?

Top 7 Rivers in Africa

  1. Nile River.
  2. Congo River. …
  3. River Niger. …
  4. River Zambezi. …
  5. River Ubangi. In terms of the longest and largest river in Africa, River Ubangi takes fifth place. …
  6. River Kasai. It`s considered to be the sixth longest river in Africa. …
  7. River Orange. Today, this river is the seventh longest river in Africa. …
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