Quick Answer: Where are South African bananas?

Bananas are mainly produced in Mpumalanga (Onderberg and Kiepersol), Limpopo (Levubu and Letaba) and both the North and South Coasts of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Which country has the best banana in Africa?

Angola is the largest African banana producer and the seventh in the world with an offer of 4.4 million tons, according to the latest table of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Fund (FAO)

Where are bananas grown in Africa?

West and Central African countries – Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Cameroon – produce nearly all of Africa’s banana exports. Production in this region has grown rapidly over the past 20 years. The vast majority of these bananas are sold in Europe, mainly in France and the UK.

Where do most of the bananas come from?

Bananas are predominantly produced in Asia, Latin America and Africa. The biggest producers are India, which produced 29 million tonnes per year on average between 2010 and 2017, and China at 11 million tonnes. Production in both countries mostly serves the domestic market.

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Where are bananas currently grown?

1 Most bananas are consumed in the country where they are produced (exports represent less than 16 per cent of global production).

Production by country.

Rank Country/territory Production (tonnes)
1 India 30,808,000
2 China 11,221,700
3 Philippines 9,358,785
4 Colombia 7,287,997

Which country produces the best banana?

Top Banana Producing Countries In The World

Rank Country Production (in tonnes)
1 India 27,575,000
2 China (mainland) 12,075,238
3 Philippines 8,645,749
4 Brazil 6,892,622

What country sells the most bananas?

2.2 Ecuador. Ecuador is the largest exporter of bananas in the world and its share of world banana trade is on the increase.

What country are bananas native to?

Bananas are indigenous to the tropical portions of India, Southeast Asia and northern Australia, and were brought to South America by the Portuguese in the early 16th century.

What is the national fruit of South Africa?

The ackee tree grows up to 15.24m (50ft) under favourable conditions. It bears large red and yellow fruit 7.5 – 10 cm (3-4 in.)

Are bananas native to Africa?

Both bananas and plantains are widespread in West Africa and their origin has not been satisfactorily explained. The plantains are predominant and have probably been grown for many centuries.

Which countries export bananas?


  • Ecuador: US$4.2 billion (27.7% of total exported bananas)
  • Philippines: $1.6 billion (10.6%)
  • Costa Rica: $1.1 billion (7.1%)
  • Colombia: $990.3 million (6.5%)
  • Guatemala: $955.6 million (6.3%)
  • Belgium: $745.9 million (4.9%)
  • Netherlands: $708.3 million (4.7%)
  • United States: $448.6 million (2.9%)

Where are bananas imported from UK?

According to the same statistical sources (see graph below), the main banana producing countries supplying the British market are Colombia, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, followed by Ecuador. They jointly account for 70 % of imports in to the country.

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Where are bananas grown for the UK?

Most bananas are grown in Latin America, the Caribbean or west Africa but Kay’s plantation – well, one tree – is in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

Where is the best place to grow bananas?

Best Climate and Site for Growing Banana

  • Bananas grow best in humid tropical regions. …
  • The optimal temperature for banana growing is 78° to 86°F.
  • Plants require 10 to 15 months of frost-free weather to produce a flower stalk.

Do they grow bananas in Spain?

Spain was Europe’s largest banana producer in 2016, with a total of 417,176 tonnes, according to data provided by the Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Union.

Do bananas grow at the South Pole?

Bananas are cultivated in all but one of those continents.

Of course, as you will have guessed, the uninhabited Antarctica is the exception. … Even though the continental climate from the northern hemisphere doesn´t seem ideal to growing bananas, Europe and North America do grow bananas.