Quick Answer: What is the South African curriculum?

The South African curriculum is a series of guidelines and educational aims that teachers follow in order to teach children from when they start school in Grade R, right through to the FET (Further Education and Training) stage.

What curriculum does South Africa use?

The National Curriculum Statement Grades R-12 gives expression to the knowledge, skills and values worth learning in South African schools. This curriculum aims to ensure that children acquire and apply knowledge and skills in ways that are meaningful to their own lives.

What is the aim of South African curriculum?

The aim of the curriculum is to help every child to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours for life, learning, schooling and work. The NCF is one of a number of curriculum initiatives. All curriculum frameworks in all sectors of education are based on the South African Constitution.

What are the 3 types of curriculum?

Curriculum is defined: planned learning experiences with intended outcomes while recognizing the importance of possible unintended outcomes. There are three types of curriculum: (1) explicit (stated curriculum), (2) hidden (unofficial curriculum), and (3) absent or null ( excluded curriculum).

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What are the 5 types of curriculum?

The five basic types of curriculum are Traditional, Thematic, Programmed, Classical, and Technological. The most used curriculum can be found within these broader categories.

How do you define curriculum?

Curriculum is a standards-based sequence of planned experiences where students practice and achieve proficiency in content and applied learning skills. … Curriculum must include the necessary goals, methods, materials and assessments to effectively support instruction and learning.

What are the principles of curriculum?

Curriculum principles are the values a school believes will give both their pupils and community the best chance of succeeding, and what they know to be right, given its context. You can think of curriculum principles as being like those by which you live your life and base important decisions on.

What subjects are taught in South African schools?

School Subjects

  • Languages. English Home Language. …
  • Mathematics.
  • Natural Sciences. Life Sciences (Biology) and Physical Sciences.
  • Social Sciences. History and Geography.
  • Technology. Computer Literacy and Technology.
  • Economic and Management Sciences. Business Studies and Accounting.
  • Creative Arts. …
  • Life Orientation.

What are the principles of NCS?

The NCS Grades R – 12 is based on the following principles: ▪ Social transformation; ▪ High knowledge and high skills; ▪ Progression; ▪ Human rights, inclusivity, environmental and social justice; ▪ Credibility, quality and efficiency; ▪ Valuing indigenous knowledge systems; and ▪ Active and critical learning.

What is Nigerian curriculum?

In Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, the responsibility of education is shared between the federal, state and local governments. The country requires nine years of mandatory education, six years of primary and three years of junior secondary. …

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What are the 7 types of curriculum?

Seven Types of Curriculum

  • Recommended Curriculum.
  • Written Curriculum.
  • Taught Curriculum.
  • Supported Curriculum.
  • Assessed Curriculum.
  • Learned Curriculum.
  • Hidden Curriculum.

What are the 4 types of curriculum?

The following represents the many different types of curriculum used in schools today.

  • Overt, explicit, or written curriculum. …
  • Societal curriculum (or social curricula) …
  • The hidden or covert curriculum. …
  • The null curriculum. …
  • Phantom curriculum. …
  • Concomitant curriculum. …
  • Rhetorical curriculum. …
  • Curriculum-in-use.

Which is the best curriculum?

The English national curriculum is the most popular curriculum choice in the world, followed by a US-oriented curriculum and the IB.

What are the 11 types of curriculum?

The paper goes onto the discuss the eleven types of curriculum: (1) overt, explicit or written, (2) social curriculum or societal, (3) hidden, (4) phantom, (5) null, (6) rhetorical, (7) Concomitant, (8) received, (9) curriculum in use, (10) electronic and (11) internal curriculum.

What are the examples of curriculum?

An individual teacher’s curriculum, for example, would be the specific learning standards, lessons, assignments, and materials used to organize and teach a particular course.