Question: Which African country speaks Shona?

Shona is a language from the Bantu family and is spoken in Zimbabwe. It is the mother tongue of 75% of the people of Zimbabwe.

What countries in Africa speak Shona?

The vast majority live in Zimbabwe, and sizeable Shona populations are also located in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique. The Shona have their own language, which the Penn Language Center estimates is spoken by about 75 percent of the population of Zimbabwe.

Which countries speak Shona?

Shona language

Native to Zimbabwe, Mozambique
Native speakers 12 million, Shona proper (2000 to 2007) 7.50 million Zezuru, Karanga, Korekore (2000) 11 million incl. Manyika, Ndau (2000–2006)
Language family Niger–Congo? Atlantic–Congo Volta-Congo Benue–Congo Bantoid Southern Bantoid Bantu Shona languages (S.10) Shona

Where did the Shona come from?

The Shona people (/ˈʃoʊnə/) are a Bantu ethnic group native to Southern Africa, primarily Zimbabwe (where they form the majority of the population).

What does Shona mean in Africa?

Shona in British English

(ˈʃɒnə ) noun. 1. Word forms: plural -na or -nas. a member of a Sotho people of S central Africa, living chiefly in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Is Venda similar to Shona?

The Venda language, TshiVenda or LuVenda, emerged as a distinct dialect in the 16th Century. In the 20th Century, the TshiVenda vocabulary was similar to SeSotho, but the grammar shares similarities with Shona dialects, which are spoken in Zimbabwe. Today about 875 000 people in South Africa speak Tshivenda.

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Are Shona and Swahili similar?

Did you know that Swahili and Shona share quite a number of similar vocabulary because both are Bantu languages? Swahili is a language spoken mostly in East and Central African countries while Shona is spoken in Zimbabwe. Below are a few examples of nouns and verbs that have similar meanings in both languages.

Is Shona spoken in South Africa?

It is the tongue of the Venda people, who are culturally closer to the Shona people of Zimbabwe than to any other South African group. Another of South Africa’s minority languages, it is spoken by 2.4% of South Africans, or 1 209 388 people.

Does Yoruba have a written language?

Literary Yoruba, also known as Standard Yoruba, Yoruba koiné, and common Yoruba, is a separate member of the dialect cluster. It is the written form of the language, the standard variety learned at school and that spoken by newsreaders on the radio.

Is Swahili a written language?

Although originally written with the Arabic script, Swahili is now written in a Latin alphabet introduced by Christian missionaries and colonial administrators.

Is Shona a Nguni language?

The Shangaan were a mixture of Nguni (a language group which includes Swazi, Zulu and Xhosa), and Tsonga speakers (Ronga, Ndzawu, Shona, Chopi tribes), which Soshangane conquered and subjugated.

What Shona means?

Definition of Shona

1 : a member of any of a group of Bantu peoples of Zimbabwe and southern Mozambique. 2 : the group of languages spoken by the Shona.

Is Shona a language?

Shona is a language from the Bantu family and is spoken in Zimbabwe. It is the mother tongue of 75% of the people of Zimbabwe.

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Is Shona a Indian name?

Shona is baby girl name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Shona name meanings is Very pretty, Lovely, Sweet.