Question: When did South Africa beat New Zealand in rugby?

The 1956 series, when the All Blacks beat the Springboks in New Zealand for the first time, is one of the most famous in New Zealand rugby history.

What year did South Africa beat New Zealand in rugby?

1992 South Africa vs New Zealand rugby union match

Event 1992 New Zealand rugby union tour of Australia and South Africa
South Africa New Zealand 24 27
Date 15 August 1992
Venue Ellis Park Stadium
Attendance 72,000

When was the last time South Africa beat New Zealand in rugby?

Up until the start of the professional era, South Africa had won 21 tests to New Zealand’s 18.


Record New Zealand South Africa
Away 57 (8 October 2016) 36 (15 September 2018)
Largest winning margin
Home 57 (16 September 2017) 17 (30 June 1928)
Away 42 (8 October 2016) 12 (29 August 1981)
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Did South Africa beat New Zealand in 1995?

In the final, held at Ellis Park in Johannesburg on 24 June, South Africa defeated New Zealand 15–12, with Joel Stransky scoring a drop goal in extra time to win the match.

How many games have South Africa won against New Zealand?

South Africa has won twice and New Zealand three times, the most recent being in their pool game at the 2019 event in Japan, where the All Blacks were the only side to beat the future world champions. Their 23–13 win was the first time a World Cup winner had been beaten in pool play.

Who has beaten New Zealand in rugby the most?

The New Zealand national rugby union team (also known as the All Blacks) has played 36 matches against Wales, winning 33 of them.

How many times has Australia beaten New Zealand in rugby?

Australia has by far the most successful rugby history over New Zealand, with almost double the wins as South Africa. The Wallabies have beaten the All Blacks forty-five times since 1903.

When did England beat New Zealand in rugby?

In 2008, the Hillary Shield was introduced as the trophy to be contested in matches between the two teams.


Record England New Zealand
Away 27 (14 June 2014) 45 (18 June 1995)
Largest winning margin
Home 17 (1 December 2012) 42 (20 June 1998)
Away 12 (26 October 2019) 26 (29 November 2008)

Has Ireland ever beaten New Zealand at rugby?

The two teams have played a total of 33 Test matches, with the All Blacks winning 29, lreland winning 3, and one ending in a draw in the 1973 test match played in Dublin. … On 17 November 2018 Ireland beat New Zealand 16-9 at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin to record their first ever home win against the All Blacks.

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Who is best rugby team in the world?

Current World Rugby Rankings

Position Team Points
1 South Africa 90.61
2 New Zealand 88.75
3 England 87.83
4 Ireland 86.53

Who won rugby 1995?

On June 24, 1995 at Johannesburg’s Ellis Park Stadium, South Africa won the Rugby World Cup 15-12 over its arch rival New Zealand. The match stands as a hugely symbolic moment in South African history. It marked the nation’s first major sporting event since the end of its segregationist apartheid regime in 1991.

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When did South Africa last win the Rugby World Cup?


Year Host(s) Winner
2007 France South Africa
2011 New Zealand New Zealand
2015 England New Zealand
2019 Japan South Africa

How many times have the Springboks won in New Zealand?

They’ve only won four Tests in New Zealand since 1992, but those ones have gone down in the annals of Bok history. The Springboks will be meeting the All Blacks for the 100th time when they clash in Townsville on Saturday.

How many times did the Springboks win against the All Blacks?

– In the preceding 99 Tests between the teams, the All Blacks have won 59 and the Springboks 36. They have drawn 4 times. – Broken into pre-isolation and post-isolation eras, South Africa’s win record becomes stark in its contrast.

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How long is a rugby match?

A match lasts no longer than 80 minutes (split into two halves, each of not more than 40 minutes plus time lost), unless the match organiser has authorised the playing of extra-time in a drawn match within a knock-out competition.