Is Sandton Africa’s richest square mile?

Sandton’s bustling business district is often referred to as Africa’s richest square mile. … “It is home to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, banks, legal and audit firms, as well as many leading international conglomerates.

Is Sandton large or small?


Sandton “Africa’s Richest Square Mile”
Established 1906
• Total 143.54 km2 (55.42 sq mi)
Population (2011)

What is Sandton known for?

Named after a combination of two of its suburbs, Sandown and Bryanston, Sandton is one of the wealthiest areas in Johannesburg. … From antiques and jewellery to arts and curios, Sandton has it all. Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square are two of the most prestigious and sophisticated shopping complexes in Africa.

Who owns the land in Sandton?

The centre is owned by the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) listed company, Liberty Holdings of which Liberty Properties is a division. Liberty owns a 75 percent stake and Pareto Limited holds a 25 percent stake in the Sandton City Shopping Centre.

Why do people love Sandton?

A well-known area in Gauteng and a main business hub, Sandton is a popular area for visitors to stay in when exploring Johannesburg and its surrounding attractions. … People living here were considered smartly dressed and this is what has led to the idea of the ‘mink and manure’ belt of Johannesburg.

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Is Sandton a rich area?

Of those, most live in Sandton, a wealthy suburb in the north of the city that houses the head offices of many of the continent’s biggest businesses and banks. Sandton’s bustling business district is often referred to as Africa’s richest square mile.

What is the richest square mile in the world?

The Square Mile contributes roughly 5% to the UK’s GDP and is considered to be the richest square mile in the world. During medieval times, this area constituted the whole of London. Today it is still essentially the epicentre of greater London (just look on any map).

What is the best area to live in Johannesburg?

Recommended areas and suburbs in Johannesburg

  • Sunninghill, Lonehill and Fourways. …
  • Sandton and Bryanston. …
  • Randburg. …
  • Northcliff and Melville. …
  • Linden, Parkhurst and Greenside. …
  • Rosebank and Parktown. …
  • Bedfordview. …
  • Maboneng, Newtown and Braamfontein.

What is good about Sandton?

With incredible restaurants available and open for fine-dining, Sandton offers a range to tickle anyone’s taste-buds. As a cosmopolitan region, Sandton provides a diverse offering and can cater to the pickiest of palates. From luxury to home-grown, you can easily expect to find a local spot to call your favourite.

Who built Sandton City?

Sandton City was constructed and developed by Rapp and Maister on behalf of the Liberty Group, and following its official opening, the centre soon became one of the most prestigious shopping centres in Africa – and paved the way for Sandton to become what is now known as ‘Africa’s Richest Square Mile’.

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How much did it cost to build Sandton City?

Both municipal and Rapp and Maister’s project for a R20 million, 20 storey office tower and 30,000m² retail space was approved.

Where do the wealthy live in Johannesburg?

Most of Johannesburg’s wealth is concentrated in Sandton, which is home to the JSE (the largest stock market in Africa) and to the head offices of most of Africa’s largest banks and corporates. Major sectors in the city include financial services like banks and professional services like law firms and consultancies.

Why is Sandton built where it is?

In 1969 the Johannesburg Town Council proclaimed a new municipality, which they called “Sandton” and it was rezoned in recognition of the need for another town centre in Johannesburg. … He eventually accepted R100 000 and construction commenced in 1970 and Sandton City’s doors opened in 1973.