How many doctors graduate each year in South Africa?

The figure of 1200 graduates per annum “is viewed as a grossly inadequate production rate for a country with a population of approximately 55 million” [23].

How many medical doctors are there in South Africa?

As per the HPCSA database, in the year 2019 there were 27,579 male and 18,841 female doctors registered as ‘Medical Practitioners’. Of these doctors it was assumed that 85% would be active and working in South Africa in 2019.

Is there a demand for doctors in South Africa?

Demand for Doctors in Africa

There is a huge demand for medical specializations in South Africa to meet the needs of its rate the of population which is growing at a rate of 1.58% a year. Additionally, South Africa has a reduced number of medical provisions and type of equipment.

Why is there a shortage of doctors in South Africa?

Responding in a recent parliamentary Q&A session, Mkhize said that the primary reason for this shortage is that the public health sector budget has not increased in real terms for the past 10 years. This has impacted the number of staff that can be appointed, he said.

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How many black doctors are in South Africa?

In 2016, there were 43 892 registered medical practitioners in South Africa. Of these 25.85 % were black.

How many surgeons are in South Africa?

There were a total of 894 registered specialist general surgeons serving a population of 54 million people in South Africa, i.e. 1.78 per 100 000. The highest number of registered specialist general surgeons per 100 000 population were in WC (3.41), GP (2.30), FS (2.15) and KZN (1.89).

Are doctors in South Africa rich?

The report found that South Africa is home to 43,600 High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) – defined as individuals who have net assets of $1 million or more.

Industry breakdown.

Industry Percentage of HNWIs
Healthcare (includes pharmaceuticals, doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and health insurance) 5.7%
Media 3.8%

Does South Africa need more doctors?

South Africa has a shortage of doctors [13, 14], with a persistent ratio of less than one doctor per 1000 population between 1996 (0.59) and 2016 (0.8) [15]. … However, there was still a need for an additional 4294 medical practitioners and 7471 medical specialists to meet the country’s needs [18].

Which African country pays doctors the most?

1. Tunisia – Medical doctors working in the public sector earn between $700 and $1,500 a month in Tunisia depending on the level. 2. Lesotho – Medical doctors earn $1,500 per month.

How much are doctors paid in South Africa?

The average medical doctor salary in South Africa is R 600 000 per year or R 308 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R 450 000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to R 1 335 002 per year.

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Which countries can South African doctors work in?

This report first examines the temporary employment opportunities for South African doctors in countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, and Australia. These include residencies, fellowships, locums, and various temporary worker programs.

How many countries are doctors in?


Country or dependency 2000–2009 2007–2013
Size Physicians per 10,000people
Austria 31175 48.3
Azerbaijan 32388 34.0
Albania 3626 11.5

Who was the first doctor in South Africa?

Mary Malahlela

Mary Susan Makobatjatji Malahlela-Xakana
Born 2 May 1916 Pietersburg
Died 8 May 1981 (aged 65)
Nationality South African
Alma mater University of Fort Hare University of the Witwatersrand

Who was the first female doctor in South Africa?

Petronella van Heerden (1887-1975) was born in South Africa. She studied medicine in Amsterdam from 1908 to 1915 and then worked as the first female doctor in her native country for 4 years before specialising in gynaecology in London.

Who was the first female doctor in Africa?

Chief Elizabeth Abimbola Awoliyi, MBE, OFR (née Akerele, 1910–14 September 1971) was the first woman to practise as a physician in Nigeria.

Elizabeth Abimbola Awoliyi.

Chief Elizabeth Abimbola Awoliyi MBE, OFR
Alma mater Queen’s College, Lagos University of Dublin
Occupation Physician