How long does it take to become a cardiologist in South Africa?

It takes 16 years to become a cardiologist in South Africa. South Africa currently has about 175 active, registered cardiologists practising in the country, of which only about 35 are in public service or working in training centres.

How many years do you study to become a cardiologist in South Africa?

Post-graduate study for specialisation as a cardiologist: 4 years. Additional Requirements: before commencing post-graduate study for specialisation as a cardiologist, the candidate must: be in possession of a MBChB degree for 2 years.

How many years does it take to become a cardiologist?

It usually takes 10-13 years to become a cardiologist. They specialise in treating diseases like congenital heart defects, heart failure, coronary artery diseases and valvular heart diseases.

How many years does it take to become a heart surgeon in South Africa?

In South Africa, cardiology training is a three year subspecialist degree following the four-year training as a general physician (after being a house officer and having completed the community service time, bringing the total number of years for training to 15 years).

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How much is a cardiologist paid in South Africa?

R2,471,383 (ZAR)/yr.

How do I become a cardiologist after 12?

Steps leading to the cardiologist are as follows:

  1. Earns a bachelor degree with MBBS after 10+2.
  2. Get the admission in PG course leading to Doctor of Medicine (MD) in general medicine.
  3. After finishing three-year degree of MD, go for the super specialty course of 3-year DM in Cardiology to be a Cardiologist.

Is it hard to become a cardiologist in South Africa?

“To qualify as a cardiologist, you need 16 years of studying, which is really too long,” he said, suggesting that this alone was discouraging medical doctors from undertaking the rigorous and extensive training.

How long does it take to become a cardiologist after 12?

The entire journey of becoming a Cardiologist after 12th requires 11 ½ years, including 5 ½ years of MBBS + 3 years MD + 3 years of DM in cardiology. Various entrance exams are compulsory to be passed before beginning with the study for becoming a Cardiologist.

What are the highest paid doctors?

What is the Highest Paid Doctor in the US?

Specialty Income
Neurology $280K
Ob/Gyn $308K
Oncology $377K
Ophthalmology $378K

Is it hard to become a cardiologist?

While medical science itself is a highly competitive and challenging discipline, cardiology is, with the possible exception of neurology, the most difficult sub-discipline that comes to mind. Hence, even among doctors, only the most competitive and capable go on to become cardiologists.

Is cardiac surgery a dying field?

Cardiac surgery has been described as a dying specialty with the astronomical growth of the field becoming overshadowed by its impending decline. The increasing use of less invasive methods is shifting the landscape away from open surgery toward the interventional techniques already dominated by other specialties.

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Where can I study cardiology?

Here are the best global universities for cardiac and cardiovascular systems

  • Harvard University.
  • Imperial College London.
  • Columbia University.
  • Duke University.
  • University of Toronto.
  • Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.
  • Stanford University.
  • Johns Hopkins University.

Who is the best cardiologist in South Africa?


  • Dr A Pearce Dr A Pearce. Address: St Anne’s Medical Ctr, 331 Burger St, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa, Kwazulu Natal. …
  • Dr G Sinyangwe Dr G Sinyangwe. …
  • Dr R Maharaj Dr R Maharaj. …
  • Dr Rob Dyer Dr Rob Dyer. …
  • Dr F Lorgat Dr F Lorgat. …
  • Dr L Steingo Dr L Steingo. …
  • Dr Mi Khan Dr Mi Khan. …
  • Dr Sn Thakersee Dr Sn Thakersee.

How many cardiologists are there in South Africa?

‘In South Africa, we have 163 cardiologists for a population of 55 million which is clearly not enough. We produce only 10% of cardiologists per million of the population compared to Brazil which is also a poor country.

What is the highest paying job in South Africa?

Top earners

# Job name Annual salary
1 Group/Regional CFO R5 000 000
2 VP of Supply chain R3 800 000
3 Finance Director R3 500 000
4 Chief Information Officer R3 000 000

How much does a first year cardiologist make?

To become fully qualified, a cardiologist will usually require over 10 years of training. A physician / doctor, cardiologist earns an average salary of $120,000 a year, with salaries ranging from $60,000 to $400,000. With a bonus pay of up to $10,000, the total pay ranges from $60,241 to $362,763.