How long does it take African yam to grow?

Yams typically take about 14 weeks to mature. They should be harvested when the tops of plants start to go yellow and wither. Harvesting generally occurs in autumn. Remove yams from the soil.

How do African yams grow?

Yams require a fertile, well-drained soil with a high organic matter content. Plant at the beginning of summer in areas that receive a wet season. They will grow in full sun or semi-shade but need a trellis. Plants need plenty of water during the growing season.

How many months yam grow?

Depending on the variety, yams are harvested 6 to 12 months after planting. Lift the tubers when the leaves and stems turn yellow and dry. Do not leave the ripe tubers too long in the ground, otherwise they become bitter and may rot.

How do you know when yam is ready to harvest?

I found that the most advantageous time to harvest is when the starch content of the leaf is at minimum levels. It’s as this point that the lower leaves start to turn yellow. I established that this happened before the whole leaves started to decompose, some six months after planting had been done in the rainy season.

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How long does Yam take to grow in Ghana?

Planting/sprouting time:- the planting and sprouting time of the crop can be used to assess whether the crop is matured. Early maturing varieties take about 7 – 9 months after planting to mature while late maturing ones can be harvested after 9 – 12 months after planting. ii.

What is the best month to plant yam?

Yams do not grow well in cold temperatures, so it’s best to wait until a few weeks after the last frost to plant your slips. Mid spring is the ideal time to do so. Yams require a long growing season, so don’t wait too long into the spring or summer to get started.

How long does cassava take to grow?

Harvesting Cassava

The roots of a cassava plant only take about six to eight months to become fully established. After this, if you have a good crop, you will likely get a biannual harvest.

What is the life cycle of a yam?

Yam growing cycle

Yam is a perennial plant, although it is treated as an annual one. Growth takes place in three distinct phases, which develop over 12 months and repeat indefinitely during the life of the plant. For this reason, it is said that the yam is a perennial grown as an annual.

How often do you water a yam?

Sow them about an inch or two deep and keep them spaced 8 inches apart. Be sure the soil is at least 75° F. Water yams frequently after planting, usually once or twice per day if the weather is dry. Keep the soil moist until they begin to sprout.

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Can yam be planted in June?

Farmers can plant their yam as soon as the rain stabilises. But some people plant theirs during the dry season – that is between January and March. However, the farmer who is planting at such period should be conscious of the sun; because the temperature would be high.

Where do yams grow best?

Yams grow best in moist, well-drained soil. They do not grow well in heavy, waterlogged soils, so if your soil is not light and well-draining, amend it thoroughly with plenty of organic matter such as compost. Yams are heavy feeders and this will benefit their root growth.

What are the diseases of yam?

The field and storage diseases are presented, anthracnose is regarded as the most widely spread of all the field diseases, while yam mosaic virus disease is considered to cause the most severe losses in yams. Dry rot is considered as the most devastating of all the storage diseases of yam.

What is the spacing for yam?

Planting is done by seed yam or cut setts from ware tubers. One day before planting, the tubers have to be subjected to treatment with wood ash or a fungicide (thiabendazole) to prevent damage to the soils. The setts are planted at an interval of 15–20 centimetres (5.9–7.9 in) with the cut face facing up.

How do you succeed in yam farming?

You can start cultivating yam by clearing the bushes or your farmland and tilling it, making mounds or ridges, depending on the size of yam you want to cultivate and the size you are expecting to harvest. After making your mounds, you can go ahead planting your small whole yams or portions you cut out from the whole.

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How do you make a yam farm?

Easy Steps on How To Start Yam Farming In Nigeria

  1. Preparation of the Land/Soil. If you have a land, lets say one hectare; you would have to prepare the soil for planting the yam seeds. …
  2. Prepare your Setts properly. Proper preparation of setts is vital. …
  3. Plant the Yams. …
  4. Weeding. …
  5. Harvesting & sale of tubers.