How do you greet in South African languages?

How do you greet someone in South Africa?

The most common greeting is a handshake accompanied with eye contact and a smile. This is appropriate among most South Africans. Handshakes may be light or firm depending on the person you are greeting. People from rural villages may use two hands to shake/greet.

How do you say hello in all South African languages?

How to say ‘hello’ in all 11 of SA’s official languages

  1. English. Hello!
  2. isiNdebele. Lotjhani!
  3. isiXhosa. Molo!
  4. isiZulu. Sawubona!
  5. Sepedi. Dumela!
  6. Setswana. Dumela!
  7. Sesotho. Dumela!
  8. Xitsonga. Avuxeni!

How do you say hello my friend in South Africa?

5- Hallo daar!

This informal, very cordial greeting translates as: “Hi there!” You can also consider this a way of saying, “Hello, my friend” in Afrikaans. Use it this way: Afrikaans: Hallo daar!

How do you greet in Zulu?

Greetings Hello! (to one person) Sawubona! Hello! (to more than one person) Sanibonani!

How do you say hello in the South?

Howdy. This is a Southern way to say hello. Howdy!

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How do you say welcome in South Africa?

Pleasure – Pronounced [Pleeee-sure].

Just like the Brits say “cheers” every chance they get, the South Africans use pleasure for just about any occasion. Most commonly it’s a simple way of saying “You’re welcome,” or to denote recognition of having done something for someone else.

What is the meaning of Mzansi?

Mzansi in British English

(əmˈzʌnsɪ ) noun South Africa. 1. an informal name for South Africa. 2.

How do you greet in Xhosa?

What are some basic Xhosa greetings?

  1. Hello (singluar) – Molo.
  2. How are you? (singular) – Unjani?
  3. I am fine – Ndiyaphila.
  4. Hello (to more than one person) – Molweni.
  5. How are you? (to more than one person) – Ninjani?
  6. We are fine – Siyaphila.
  7. Stay well (goodbye to more than one person) – Salani kakuhle.

How do you say thank you in 11 languages in South Africa?

To help you make an impression, let’s look at the greetings in all eleven South African languages.

How to say thank you.

Language Word
English Thank you
Afrikaans Dankie
Zulu Ngiyabonga
Xhosa Enkosi

How do Afrikaners greet each other?

In informal situations, Afrikaaner people, especially good friends, commonly greet each other by giving each other a quick hug. If you are unsure, you can just stick out your hand and give a firm handshake and a smile. A smile goes a long way!

How do you greet in Sotho language?

2) Ke phela hantle, wena o phela jwang? Sala hantle. Tsamaya hantle. Have a safe journey.

Good day Dumelang
Good morning Mmorong
Hello Helele
Peace Kgotsong
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How do you say hello in different African languages?

10 Greetings in 10 Languages

  1. Swahili. Hello – “Jambo” or “Hujambo,” or “Habari” …
  2. Amharic. Hello – “Selam” or “Iwi selami newi.” …
  3. Yoruba. Hello – “Ẹ nlẹ o” for a general greeting; however, when greeting elders, the general greeting is “E nle ma” for women and “E nle sir” for men. …
  4. Oromo. …
  5. Hausa. …
  6. Igbo. …
  7. Zulu. …
  8. Shona.