Frequent question: Where can I use WeChat pay in South Africa?

Can I use WeChat pay in South Africa?

In markets like China, it is already one of the most popular ways for people to send and receive money. Now, thanks to Standard Bank, the WeChat Wallet is available to South Africans too, whether or not you have a bank account. Start by installing the WeChat app, from the App Store, or Google Play.

What stores accept WeChat pay?

The stores that accept WeChat Pay include, for example:

  • Department Stores / Supermarket / Convenience Store. Circle-K. 7-Eleven. Marks & Spencer. Sogo. …
  • Food & Beverage. McDonald’s. Starbucks. Pacific Coffee. …
  • Fashion. Uniqlo. Cotton On. GigaSports. …
  • Transport. MTR. HK Express. Peak Tram. …
  • Entertainment. Hong Kong Disneyland. Ocean Park.

Can foreigners use WeChat pay outside China?

Although more and more people all over the world use WeChat to communicate, foreigners still cannot use the WeChat Payment function to transfer money freely with Chinese people and send red envelopes.

Can you send money internationally with WeChat?

Yes. WeChat is not legally allowed to process international money transfers. Be aware that only wallets specific to the areas supported by WeChat — China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and South Africa — can send accessible money among one another.

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Can you withdraw money from WeChat?

It is a must to link a debit card if you want to withdraw the money. Please follow the steps below to withdraw your balance: Log in to WeChat > tap Me > Pay > Wallet > Balance > Withdraw > input the withdraw amount.

How can I transfer money from WeChat to Gcash?

First open your WeChat app and choose the friend you want to send money under “Chats” section.

  1. Select the Person for Money Transfer.
  2. Touch Transfer Button in WeChat.
  3. Enter Amount for WeChat Transfer.
  4. Change Payment Mode.
  5. Choose Payment Method.
  6. Authorize Payment in WeChat.
  7. Amount Transferred Message.
  8. Payment Accepted Message.

Where can top up WeChat wallet?

To top up your WeChat wallet you really have two options:

  • Ask you Chinese friend to send funds to your account and you pay them back by some other means. …
  • You can use a 3rd party service like where you can buy Yuan funds for your wallet via PayPal.

Is WeChat pay a digital wallet?

Both Alipay and rival WeChat have developed virtual wallet systems that allow users to make instant online, in-store and vending machine payments, and generally go about their day-to-day lives without needing to carry cash or a physical wallet.

Can I use WeChat pay without a Chinese bank account?

For Foreigners Without a Chinese Bank Account

If you don’t have a Chinese bank account, you can still use WeChat Pay by linking a supported credit card. … Once your card and the phone number have been verified, your WeChat Wallet will be active and you can now use the WeChat Pay.

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Which is better Alipay or WeChat pay?

The service charge on Alipay is higher than WeChat Pay. … There are no additional transaction fees. Exchange Rates. Both Alipay’s eWallet and WeChat Pay do not have in-app currency exchange rates.

How can I get red pocket in WeChat?

Go to ‘Me > Wallet > Money’ and scroll down to see multiple options in WeChat. Tap on ‘Packets Nearby’ and prepare the red packets to send to people nearby you. WeChat will prepare a QR code which can be scanned to claim the red packet money.

Can you use PayPal on WeChat?

Customers can make the payment through Paypal in USD. The total amount in CNY will be automatically converted into USD. Wechat pay is now available on waifood wechat mall. Choose the wechat payment method when you place the order.

How can I transfer money from WeChat to bank account?

Within the WeChat app, go to Me and then Wallet. Select Bank Cards. Click on Add credit card or bank account. Follow the prompts to add either your chosen bank card or account, entering the details requested, and setting up a PIN for security.

Can other country use WeChat?

In 2019 it was reported that Chinese users can use WeChat Pay in 25 countries outside China, including, Italy, South Africa and the UK.