Frequent question: How many South Africans have played for England?

17 South African born players have played for the England national cricket team and over a dozen have played for both the England and Scotland national Rugby Union teams collectively.

How many South African cricketers have played for England?

Since Andrew Strauss made his ODI debut in 2003, twelve other South African-born players have played international cricket for England.

Why do South African cricketers play for England?

County cricket offered South African cricketers an opportunity to secure their families’ financial security by earning substantially more on a Kolpak contract, as a result of the weakness of the South African Rand vs the British Pound.

How many black cricketers have played for England?

Prior to Archer’s recent inclusion, there have been 13 black cricketers to play for England who were born in the West Indies, including those big names from the 1990s such as Lewis, Malcolm and Gladstone Small. “There’s only a handful that have come through the system,” Rainford-Brent says.

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Who was the first non white cricketer to play for England?

Middleton C.C. Basil Lewis D’Oliveira CBE OIS (4 October 1931 – 19 November 2011) was an England international cricketer of South African Cape Coloured background, whose potential selection by England for the scheduled 1968–69 tour of apartheid-era South Africa caused the D’Oliveira affair.

How many of the England football team were born in England?

We can see that 393 men born after 1945 played for England.

England players.

Region No. of England players*
Outside of England 16
Total 393

How rich is Kevin Pietersen?

Kevin Pietersen is currently playing for Surrey County and is known to have a net worth of about 7.5 million dollars.

What nationality is Kevin Pietersen?

Кевин Питерсен/Гражданство

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