Does a South African drivers Licence expire?

Driving licences never expire. If your driving licence card has expired, there are no penalties when you need to renew. Driving licence renewals prices vary across South Africa, starting from R140 in the Western Cape.

How long is a South African drivers license valid for?

In South Africa, your driving license is valid for a period of five years from date of issue. In the good old days, when your license got to four years and ten months, you would have approached your local traffic department for a re-issue, and the license usually took 4 to 6 weeks to issue.

Does your driver’s license ever expire?

“The driving licence is valid from issue until suspended or cancelled by a legal process as a result of medical or behavioural unfitness to hold it. IT DOES NOT EXPIRE!

How long is a drivers licence valid for?

How long is a driving licence valid for? In the case of private vehicles, a driving licence is valid for 20 years. However, the driving licence is valid for 3 years in the case of commercial vehicles.

What is the grace period for expired drivers license?

There is no grace period for an expired license. You will incur late penalty charges the day after your license expires, even if you are not driving in this period. If you drive with an expired license, you will be fined. If the license is expired for more than 10 years, you will need to retake a driving test.

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How long do you have to renew your drivers Licence South Africa?

Due to an ineffective online booking system, broken eye testing and fingerprinting machines, reduced capacity in Driver Licence Testing Centres due to Covid-19 restrictions, and corruption, motorists cannot secure bookings in time to renew their driver licences before the 31 August deadline, it said.

Can I renew my driver’s license online in South Africa?

You can renew your licence online for as long as your photo is valid (licence photos are valid for 10 years). A licence can be renewed online even if expired by up to five years.

Can I renew my drivers license online?

Answer 2: Yes, the customer can renew the licence online after making sure that all the details of the traffic file are updated on the traffic system according to the new residence visa.

What is the fine for expired drivers license in South Africa?

Johannesburg Metro police department spokesperson Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said motorists who fail to produce a valid driver’s licence after August 31 will be given a traffic fine. Minnaar said traffic officials will issue fines of up to R1,250 to motorists driving with expired licences.