Do people in Africa suffer from depression?

Depression is a common mental health problem and an increasingly common cause for morbidity and disability in lower income countries, including those in Africa.

What is the depression rate in Africa?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 2017 estimate, 322 million people are living with depression, and29. 9 million (9%) of these are living in Africa. Depressive disorders are ranked among the top five contributors to the global disease burden [3].

Which country suffers the most from depression?

The U.S. is one of the most depressed countries in the world, according to the World Health Organization. In terms… The U.S. is one of the most depressed countries in the world, according to the World Health Organization.

The 10 Most Depressed Countries.

Overall Pakistan
Depression Pakistan
Anxiety Bangladesh
Alcohol & Drug Use Germany

Is mental health a problem in Africa?

Mental health problems appear to be increasing in importance in Africa. Between 2000 and 2015 the continent’s population grew by 49%, yet the number of years lost to disability as a result of mental and substance use disorders increased by 52%.

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What is mental health like in Africa?

In Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa triggers of mental illness such as unemployment and violent crime are at critically high levels. The mental health picture is far worse in poorer countries, especially those that have recently experienced civil wars and conflicts, including Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Which country has worst mental health?

The United States, Colombia, the Netherlands and Ukraine tended to have higher prevalence estimates across most classes of disorder, while Nigeria, Shanghai and Italy were consistently low, and prevalence was lower in Asian countries in general.

What country has best mental health care?

Norway. Norway is one of the leading countries for comprehensive mental health care, providing mentally ill citizen with an abundance of inpatient and outpatient resources, including psychiatric casualty clinics — which basically are emergency rooms for people with mental health issues.

Which country is most suicidal?

The most suicidal state in the entire world is by a wide margin Greenland, with Lesotho being the most suicidal country. Europe is the most suicidal region in the world, while the Eastern Mediterranean is the least.


Country North Korea
All 8.2
Male 10.6
Female 6.3

What country has the least depression?

The most depressed country is Afghanistan, where more than one in five people suffer from the disorder. The least depressed is Japan, with a diagnosed rate of less than 2.5 percent.

What is the most depressing color?

Black is the hallmark color of sadness. In western cultures, this is one of the sad colors associated with mourning, hence why people wear black to funerals and when they are in mourning. Black also brings up feelings of sadness and fear.

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Why should Africa invest in mental health?

People living with mental illness or substance use disorders are more likely to become infected with HIV. Poor mental health weakens immunity and adherence to treatments for malaria. Clearly, there is a case for investing in mental health and more importantly, making interventions and services accessible to all.

How common is mental illness in Ghana?

With a population of nearly 30 million people, WHO estimates that approximately 13% of the population in Ghana suffer from a mental disorder, of which 3% suffer from a severe mental disorder and the other 10% suffer from a moderate to mild mental disorder (WHO, 2007).

How many people suffer from mental health in Africa?

Evidence-based intervention is a front-line method of treating mental illness in low-income countries. Depression is the most prevalent mental illness in the world. Currently, an estimated 100 million people in Africa suffer from clinical depression, including 66 million women.

How many psychiatrists are in Africa?

(n.) nurses (n.) While the European Region of the WHO has more than 86 thousand psychiatrists and 280 thousand psychiatric nurses for a population of 840 million, countries in the African Region have only about 1200 psychiatrists and 12,000 psychiatric nurses for a population of about 620 million.

Which part of Africa is Sub Saharan?

Sub-Saharan Africa is, geographically, the area of the continent of Africa that lies south of the Sahara. According to the United Nations, it consists of all African countries and territories that are fully or partially south of the Sahara.

How many psychiatrists are in Nigeria?

Nigeria has an estimated population of >200 million people, with about 250 psychiatrists currently practicing in the West African country, according to the Association of Psychiatrists in Nigeria.

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