Best answer: What were the goals of the first Pan African Congress apex?

What were the goals of the first Pan-African Congress?

The Pan-African Congress attempted to secure a place for peoples of African descent within the new world order.

Who organized the first Pan-African Congress?

In 1900, Sylvester-Williams organized the first Pan-African meeting in collaboration with several black leaders representing various countries of the African Diaspora. For the first time, opponents of colonialism and racism gathered for an international meeting.

Where was the first Pan-African Congress held?

It promoted African nationalism by encouraging Africans to unite against colonial injustices. It restored African dignity/confidence by demanding respect for African values. It led to the formation of Organization of African Union.

What was the aim of the PAC?

The PAC initially advocated for a form of “Africanist Socialist Democracy”, based on African and Black Identity, with the aim of creating a South Africa (which they would rename Azania) for Black South Africans, to the exclusion of other nationalities or ethnicities.

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